Leveraging Cloud Technology

We focus on 3 elements within the IT ecosystem and we are geared to deploying and maintaining solutions for growing your business needs.


The systems your business needs to function effectively.


Ensuring access to your data is limited to authorised persons only.


We strive to deliver robust solutions and that you can rely on.


Hosted Services lower the cost of adoption dramatically compared to traditional services. With the addition of Pay-As-You-Go subscription models your business is no longer tied up in specific tech silos and costly licensing.

We can help you with Email, Document Management, Backup Solutions, CRM, Quoting & Invoicing and more.


  • Email
  • CRM
  • Invoicing
  • File Storage
  • BI Analysis


Keeping your data secure but still available is a constant concern. Knowing where your data is and certain that only authorised persons have access is paramount.

We can assist with preventing spyware and ransomware infections. Configuring and implementing security protocols to avoid attack vectors.

  • Sensitive document encryption and storage solutions provide recovery paths to mitigate risk.
  • Physical tracking of stolen devices and secure data wipes.
  • Forensic data recovery after loss or corruption.


Sometimes equipment doesn’t do what it is told, while other times it plainly refuses to listen. We are your Tech-Whisperers.

80% of our support calls are handled remotely via secure access tools or over the phone. Our rates are very competitive and we charge in 15 minute increments, lowering your IT overhead.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your current supports needs.

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